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Zoom Locksmiths is a trusted name for providing promising locksmith services in and around West Sacramento CA. We have been serving the people of West Sacramento since past 27 years with our efficient and trustworthy locksmith services. We provide our 24 hour car locksmith services to each and every suburb in and around West Sacramento. Our customers hold utmost importance to us and we make sure we provide them the best of everything be it our services or our products. Give us a call on + 916-409-3516 for all your car key emergencies.

Our Journey into Becoming the Best Locksmiths in West Sacramento!

We started out as a small business entity providing car locksmith solutions to all the neighbourhoods around. With each customer, we have grown in terms of expertise and knowledge. After 27 years of locksmith services, we are one of the best locksmith service providers in West Sacramento. We provide solutions for all types of car locksmith emergencies relating to locked out cars, damaged ignitions, broken car keys, lost car keys, duplicate car keys, transponder key programming and so on.Our customers keep us motivated to provide new and quick solutions for their locksmith needs.

Broken Car Keys? Do you need a replacement?

Did you just break your car key into two while trying to get it out of the ignition in a jiffy? It may seem surprising to you but trust us we have seen this scenario happen thousands of times during our emergency services. Car keys today are much more complicated than they once were. There are lot many advancements in it with embedded micro chips and remote controls for car’s alarm system and so on. We offer our emergency car key solutions for all types of keys. All our mobile vans come equipped with all the latest technology and tools required to generate a new car key right away on the location for your locked out car, not to forget the procedure of extracting the broken key stuck inside the ignition. Advance tools and techniques keep us ahead of other locksmith service providers in town giving us an advantage of providing fastest on the location solutions to all car emergencies.

We can provide duplicate key solutions for almost any car, irrespective of what make and model, time it might belong to. We are known name for good quality, low prices, speed of delivery and efficiency.

Your Safety is Our Priority!

We understand the importance of safety for you and we make sure we provide you only the best of locksmiths for your emergencies. All our locksmiths are certified professionals who know their basics well and good. They are capable of solving almost any emergency with their expertise and knowledge. We make sure all our locksmiths go through a strict background check before we hire them on-roll. Our locksmiths are customer friendly and well mannered for handling any complex situations with the same ease.

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